Useful Links

American Academy of Periodontology
This site is dedicated to advancing the periodontal health of the public, as well as providing support for academy members. The site provides information regarding periodontal diseases, and specific procedures used to combat them. It also contains other topics of interest that can be accessed from a drop-down box located on the home page.

Wisconsin Dental Association
The WDA is dedicated to giving both it’s members, as well as the public, timely information about Wisconsin dentistry. This website furthers their commitment to informing and improving the oral health of our state. The site contains information on dental association membership privileges and benefits, and also provides the latest legislative information, as well as a recap of the most recent membership meeting.

American Dental Association
Another great dental sight, with tons of links and current news. This site also provides access to The Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA), as well as ADA library services. Oral Health Topics A-Z, Antibiotics and Your Heart, You & Your Dentist FAQ, Smile Smarts! Oral Health Care Curriculum, Cleaning Your Teeth and Gums, and more!

Nobel Biocare
Nobel Biocare is the world wide leader in dental implants and prosthetic solutions. The site can be used as a resource for both the doctor and the patient, and discusses the consequences of tooth loss and the benefits of dental implants and Procera┬« crowns from Nobel Biocare. The site contains a question and answer section, as well as a great glossary section that defines dental words we’ve heard, but might require further clarification.
A user-friendly site that will keep even the most ardent dental devotee busy for hours. This site contains polls, news, and even a dental store that has great prices on everything from toothpaste to, you guessed it! – Floss.